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– Written by Mckenzie Slomp – February 22, 2023

Stay up-to-date with the latest features and tools for social media marketing

Social platforms are in their *updates* era, here's the latest and greatest updates to keep an eye out for.


FINALLY! LinkedIn is allowing Company Pages to follow one another. Previously, only individual members could follow Company Pages. Note: You may not see an increase in followers as right now, follower count only includes individual members, not other Pages.

And another big win for Pages everywhere… you can now pre-schedule your LinkedIn posts & newsletters natively. Although not all posts types can be scheduled, including; events, image carousels, reshares, polls, jobs and services.


Longer Reels (up to one minute) in Stories are coming. Although it’s currently in testing phase, this would be a big improvement from the current 15 seconds replay in Stories.

New ad alert:You could soon be running adds for your ‘Reminder’ posts, or events on Instagram. Reminder ads are in-feed ads that let users opt into push notifications about specific events in the app.


Don’t like your For You page? TikTok is letting you start again! This new feature will let users refresh their algorithmic recommendations.

A new tool for advertisers: TikTok’s Keyword Insights allows marketers to research top performing keywords and phrases in TikTok ads. You can watch the ads to gather inpsiration and ideas!


It’s official, you’ll have to start paying for your Twitter Blue tick from next week. If you’re a small business or a brand with a legacy blue tick, you’ll likely need to pay up and switch to a gold tick, or lose your check mark altogether.

Key Takeaways:

  • Platforms arestreamlining their in-app offerings, making it easier for marketers and advertisers to use, as well as for the individual user.
  • The updates are encouraging users to spend more time in-app, building engaged communities.
  • Advertising is ever-evolving, ensuring there are fresh ad formats and tools to engage and educate advertisers.
  • There is an ongoing balance (or battle) of what platforms are offering for free, and what they will inevitably charge us for