Welcome to the world of TDC PR

Founded in 2013, TDC is an international communications consultancy building growth and reputation for clients at the confluence of Design, Innovation, Creative and Technology.

Headquartered in London with talent spanning the UK, Europe and USA, TDC’s team includes writers, former journalists, thought leadership specialists and industry communications professionals. We provide a critical blend of insider knowledge with PR & communications expertise.






Cross sector expertise.

Considered the ‘go-to’ by media looking for access to the world’s foremost voices across design, innovation, creative and technology, we specialise in working with a mix of leading creative businesses, agencies, brands, studios and industry bodies.

In light of recent times with challenges across climate, health and society taking centre stage, never before has there been such focus on these dynamic sectors and their impact on the planet.

As a business, we’ve also never been closer to the heart of conversations around some of the biggest challenges of our time.

In a modern age limited increasingly by our imagination rather than our technological capabilities, our clients sit at the confluence of this narrative and lead the way in designing and shaping tomorrow’s world.

We deliver a truly consultative service to clients, far beyond traditional notions of what ‘PR’ is often considered to be or how it’s applied in business.

Clients view TDC as a trusted partner and an extension of their own team in supporting the attainment of goals important to their business by creating and delivering bespoke communications strategies.

For the best results the formula is simple. If you’re a business delivering excellence within design, creative, innovation or technology combined with a good sense of your desired business trajectory, add TDC to the equation and with our unique mix of specialised sector expertise we’ll work in close partnership to support you in meeting your growth and reputational goals.

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