Not just any job

Join the TDC PR team

At TDC we’re always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our team. We’re proud to offer competitive salaries and flexible working as well as great employee perks and benefits.

We are committed to growing in the right way, maintaining the excellent client service we’re known for whilst simultaneously nurturing the company culture we have purposely developed since the company’s inception.

Our culture is a mix of kindness, empathy, flexibility & agility, optimism, passionate drive and attention to detail.

If you’re interested in what we do and keen to know more, we’re very open to a chat so send us an email with your CV to [email protected] to find out more.

We are not currently hiring, but feel free to contact us about future opportunities.

We highly value our working culture. We know that people do their best work when they are engaged, valued and learning together.

  • We offer interesting, personalised career paths
  • Recognise and reward talent
  • Support career development at all levels
  • Build trusting, meaningful relationships with each other
  • Treat people with respect and kindness, and in return ask for the same

We have created a company with a working culture centred on our core values of passion, honesty, accountability and entrepreneurial spirit. Our values reflect who we are, and who we look to work with.


Passionate about our client sectors, but also passionate about delivering consistently excellent work, crafting positive relationships internally and externally, and the future of TDC.


We are transparent, direct, clear and open with ourselves and our clients.

We are upfront about the good and the bad and approach everything as a learning opportunity. 


We consistently nurture an entrepreneurial spirit of curiosity and inquisitiveness; we encourage everyone to explore new avenues and opportunities.

We are intrigued by new ways of doing things and we all have permission to explore these without fear of failure. 


We are accountable to clients but also to one another.

We take responsibility for our conduct and are always collaborative to strive for the best, celebrating successes and learning from things that didn’t work.

Meet the rest of the team.