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– Written by Ellen McConnell – April 20, 2023

AI-Generated knockoffs vs real deal: Is the future of music and media at risk?

The latest advancements in AI technology are blurring the lines between what's real and what's fake.

Case in point: a TikTok user named Ghostwriter recently used voice-emulating technology to create a track that sounded like a Drake and The Weeknd collab. And here’s the thing—it was actually good.

The song blew up on social media, racking up hundreds of thousands of listens. But, as expected, the Universal Music Group wasn’t having it and requested its removal from several platforms. But that didn’t stop the wave of panic that swept through the internet as people wondered what this could mean for the future of music.

Some people fear that we’re headed for a world where AI-generated knockoffs flood the internet, making it impossible to distinguish the real deal from the fakes.

But it’s not just music that’s in the crosshairs of AI-generated fakery. Let’s talk about deepfake media. These manipulative videos and images have wreaked havoc on the internet, fooling people into thinking that celebrities and political figures said or did something they absolutely didn’t.

The French Red Cross is taking a stand against the spread of AI generated images by sharing real and raw photography taken by its volunteers in the field. 

As AI technology continues to evolve, t’s clear that we need to be more aware of its potential consequences. Sure, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities that AI could bring to the table. But we also need to be responsible and ensure that it’s being used ethically and not causing harm to consumers. Otherwise, we could be facing a future that’s straight out of a sci-fi nightmare.