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Levitation 29 is a full-service creative innovation agency made up of a team of engineers and creatives led by Benjamin Males, an award-winning creative Innovator and entrepreneur who has been leading the charge on the creative use of technology for over fifteen years.

In 2021, Levitation 29 appointed TDC to assist in developing a communications strategy relating to news that the agency had partnered with Production Resources Group LLC (PRG) and Surrey NanoSystems to bring Vantablack super-black coatings and coated products to the global live entertainment and media sector.

Originally developed for space applications, Vantablack coatings absorb light uniformly from all angles and have very low reflectance. These characteristics offer the unique ability to alter the viewer’s perception – making 3D objects look flat, things seemingly disappear, and create the illusion of infinite depth.

The partnership will grant creatives and set designers across the world access to the super-black technology that creates a far more immersive environment than standard black on stage and film sets, or even during live festival performances.

TDC worked closely with the Levitation 29 team, providing strategic counsel as well as media relations and press office support around the announcement. Highlight coverage included Fast Company.

The potential around this collaboration is expansive and game-changing so we all look forward to seeing how the story evolves in the coming years.

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