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Launched in 2019, Page-Roberts is an innovative start-up aiming to dramatically upscale electric vehicle (EV) efficiencies, with cutting-edge engineering solutions that deliver design elegance.

In early 2021, TDC was tasked with launching the Page-Roberts concept to media and embark on an ongoing PR strategy to build the company’s reputation in the business, technology and automotive sectors.

We kicked off with building the company website, and managing the process of designing a stunning set of CAD visuals, which were vital for bringing the Page-Roberts concept to life for potential partners and investors.

A media launch of the core concept followed, supplemented by supporting press office and social media activity in the form of thought leadership, media profiles, news commentary and bespoke linkedIn content.

Across the launch phase, TDC secured 89 pieces of coverage for Page-Roberts, including over 82 media hits for the concept launch alone across the UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Ukraine and Greece.

Publications secured include: The Financial Times, TalkRADIO, Autocar, The Engineer, L’Automobile, Caradisiac, and Autocar Professional, with 3.7 million estimated coverage views and 2.4K social shares in total.

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