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– Written by Mckenzie Slomp – May 15, 2023

Exploring contemporary photography and digital hyperrealism at Photo London 2023: Established masters and emerging talents

Pushing boundaries: Diorama's exhibition on Digital Hyperrealism challenges notions of authenticity in photography.

TDC had the pleasure of attending Photo London 2023, one of the leading fairs for the best in photography. This year was Photo London’s eighth edition, featuring 126 leading galleries from around the world. The event provided a platform for galleries to showcase their collections of contemporary and modern photography. The fair provided a unique opportunity for visitors to explore a diverse range of photography, from established masters to emerging talents. The participating galleries offered a variety of works, including vintage prints, contemporary pieces, and multimedia installations. 

In addition to the main gallery exhibitions, Photo London featured several special exhibitions, including a major presentation by Martin Parr, the 2023 Master of Photography. Parr’s exhibition featured a selection of his recent work, including the installation “Beach Therapy,” which explores how people found solace and escape during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event also featured a special exhibition of Parr’s work, showcasing his 50-year career photographing everyday life in Great Britain and Ireland. 

TDC’s client, Diorama, made their Photo London debut. The creative agency’s exhibition, titled “Digital Hyperrealism – Explorations of Ideals,” was a collaboration with artist and avatar Aria @therealaria.b and challenged traditional notions of authenticity in photography. The pieces challenge the notion of authenticity in photography and beg the question – is a retouched image more genuine than a simulated one?

This approach to digital art takes a completely different angle from the traditional practice of retouching or manipulating an image to appear less realistic. Instead, we start from an imaginary concept and use digital tools to create an image that appears real. This blurs the line between representation and simulation, inviting the viewer to question what is truly real and what is simply a representation of an ideal.

The pieces are available to buy via Artsy