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– Written by Sabina Eklund – June 13, 2023

The best of 3daysofdesign: TDC’s highlights

This June, over 290 exhibitors welcomed guests into their spaces to discover new and beloved collections of furniture, lighting, accessories and materials. The festival took place in the showrooms, shops, streets, workshops and backyards of Copenhagen.

While the festival is a must-see design destination for professionals, it is also open to the general public bridging the gap of knowledge between the industry and the general consumer.

This year, for the 10th edition of 3daysofdesign, the festival focussed on the theme, “Where Would We Be Without You?” exploring endless prototypes, processes, procedures, questions, conversations, and unseen variables, which goes into the collaboration that creates good, impactful design. Great design is made possible by a multitude of people. Collaborators with a shared vision and passion connected via their desire for design to positively impact society and the planet, while ultimately paving the way for a future we can all look forward to.

These are some of our highlights during 3daysofdesign….

Mater – What a Waste!

Mater transformed Helligåndshuset in the middle of Copenhagen into a 300 m2 exhibition focusing on waste streams and designer furniture. Every year only 7,2% of 100 billion tonnes of materials consumed are recycled. To address this tragic fact Mater developed a new material Matek, which is made by mixing waste fiber material, such as coffee bean shells, with a waste binding material,  such as plastic waster. In 2022 Mater cleared 30 tonnes of waste from the plant, while this year they are ambitiously aiming for 100 tonnes of waste. Crucially, the design brand is not just creating functional design, but exploring the recreation of classics as well as working with leading designers to create aesthetic objects to be treasured and loved over time to prolong the life of each piece of furniture, such as the Compound chair by OEO studio.  

Bang & Olufsen – Conversations in Sound

Conversations in Sound celebrated Bang & Olufsen’s latest speaker, Beosound A5, designed by GamFratesi. The exhibition explored the relationship between people, space, and sound through GamFratesi’s experimental approach to materials and techniques. It was a testament to Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to timeless design and acoustic excellence in a sensorial environment, which encouraged creative conversations.

Circular Furniture Days by Lifestyle & Design Cluster

The exhibition was hosted in the beautiful courtyard of the Danish Design Museum and featured 36 exhibitors who each showcased how a circular mindset can be applied to design. Maalbar challenged people to match objects with their CO2 impact, while We Do Wood challenged our perception of what wood sorts are suitable for furniture to create a more sustainable production and aesthetic impression. 

The Audo

Audo House is a unique concept that masterfully unites coworking and event facilities, a café, a restaurant and a concept shop, as well as an exclusive residence, in a single community universe housed at Copenhagen’s ‘Nordhavn’ alongside major Danish design stables, Gubi and Kvadrat. Coinciding with the festival The Audo revealed the merger of uniting MENU, The Audo and by Lassen into a new design brand, Audo Copenhagen, which reflects both a century of Danish design tradition and a modern, global outlook that is continually expanding and evolving.

Audo House is a unique concept that masterfully unites coworking and event facilities, a café, a restaurant and a concept shop, as well as an exclusive residence, in a single, community-building universe.

Danish Architecture Centre – What a Waste

The What a Waste at the DAC focused on solving one of the world’s most complex problems: waste from industry and overproduction of virgin materials. Millions of tonnes of ‘New Waste’ materials end up in landfills every year without ever getting used. New Waste is completely unused, uniform, and reliable materials that are left over from large productions.

The exhibition presents solutions created by companies that use New Waste from industry in their supply chain instead of virgin materials, such as Wiking Floors.