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– Written by Anna van Oosterom – June 7, 2023

The Furniture Practice’s inside scoop on Milan Design Week

As international furniture consultants with projects across workplace, co-living and hospitality, The Furniture Practice stands at a valuable vantage point when it comes to insights into the emerging themes in furniture design.

Having recently secured their B-Corp certification, the practice is especially focussed on how the commercial design industry can work to become more sustainable – and which brands and designers are making the most interesting progress here.  

Last week, TFP released their report on the most influential design event of the year – Milan Design Week. The TDC team was delighted to work with TFP to bring this report together, helping to highlight some of the most impactful exhibitions that stood out for their team across the event – particularly within sustainability – as well as what common threads emerged from the designs and installations on display.

Among the team’s highlights is the independent, experimental design on show at Alcova as well as Rossana Orlandi’s ROCOLLECTIBLE exhibition, championing creative waste reuse. Design themes explored include New Materiality, Sensorial Awakening and Back to Nature, referencing established and newcomer brands and studios such as Gubi, Sancal and Luma Arles, all paired with generous exhibition imagery. Lastly, don’t miss the report’s product catalogue, which gives a comprehensive overview of the best new designs to covet that were on display through the week.

Download your copy of the report here.