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Founded by MIT researchers and engineers Honghao Deng and Jiani Zeng, Butlr uses a mix of wireless, battery-powered hardware and AI to provide real-time data on an individual’s movement, body temperature and behaviour without violating privacy.

Butlr’s network of sensors are able to use an individual’s biometric heat signature, to track movement and posture, and predict behaviour.

The technology has extensive applications, including smart homes, retail and assisted living facilities.

Recently, they have introduced new features that will help businesses comply with government coronavirus guidelines including maximum occupancy control, automated queues, social distance management, and are set to launch temperature screening in March 2021.

Butlr’s technology can modify environments including lighting and temperature, detect a break-in or accidents in the home, assist businesses in understanding customer behaviour, and determine occupancy and activity intensity.

This allows physical spaces to work more effectively and efficiently, providing real-time actionable intelligence to supermarkets, big-box retailers, homes, and offices.

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