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gomi is an award-winning Brighton-based sustainable design studio founded in 2017 committed to using waste as a resource to transform into beautiful and functional design objects.

Originally creating small runs of sustainable portable speakers and tech accessories made from plastic waste via successful, oversubscribed Kickstarter campaigns, in 2022 gomi have grown to develop and launch their first official earth-friendly wireless speaker – collection one – made from plastic bags, and powered by 100% second-life e-bike batteries, and available in three colourways from 21st March 2023. gomi’s speaker design was awarded the notable Rossana Orlandi Plastic Prize in the Responsible Innovation category at Milan Design Week 2021. 

gomi are committed to avoiding landfill for life – starting from the waste raw material they use to build their products, to fully recycling their products at the end of life. gomi offer trade-in, repair and product upgrading facilities, and fully recycle all components at their end-of-life into their latest generation products. 

TDC worked with gomi to publicise the launch of their ‘collection one’ speaker in UK consumer, design, technology and national media focusing on their unique story – creating beautiful ‘one of one’ speakers out of non-recyclable waste plastics and e-bike batteries. We were also tasked with continuing to generate coverage for the speakers post-launch. 

TDC created a bespoke communications strategy kicking off with crafting a press release and creating the messaging on gomi and the new collection, as well as crafting pitching angles and writing thought-leadership quotes from gomi spokespeople.  TDC also organised stories and interviews with key target media and crafted targeted pitches and seasonal pitches for the speaker to continue generating coverage across the three month period.

Our campaign for gomi’s ‘collection one’ launch resulted in 25 pieces of coverage with an estimated 1.09M views, including articles in Hypebeast, Evening Standard,  The Financial Times, BBC Radio, Wallpaper.com, Elle Decoration, Stylist, Harper’s Bazaar, Yahoo, Design Week, i-D and Yanko Design among others.

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