Illusory Materials

Design Innovation & Technology

Founded by MIT researchers and engineers Honghao Deng and Jiani Zeng, Illusory Material is a new 3D printing method that has the capability of creating products with unique optical and physical properties.

Pushing past the limitations of traditional design, Illusory Material uses multi-material 3D printing and volumetric design to create objects which incorporate a lenticular effect.

It enables designers to manipulate and control the colour, texture and refractivity of materials, allowing for the creation of products that respond to user interaction such as clear bottles that only display information when viewed at a particular angle.

In 2020, TDC was appointed by Illusory Materials’ founders to raise awareness of this new computational method available for application across industries from consumer products to fashion. We secured a number of pieces including an interview with the Financial Times, as well as pieces in opinion forming publications Dezeen, Wallpaper, Core77, Domus and WGSN.

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