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Lexus has an unwavering commitment to bold uncompromising design, exceptional craftsmanship, and exhilarating performance.

For Milan Design Week 2023, Lexus partnered with Suchi Reddy to present Shaped By Air, an immersive installation inspired by the vision of an electrified future and celebrates the design excellence embodied by the Lexus Electrified Sport.

TDC’s digital team worked with Lexus International to create a global digital strategy, influencer marketing and creator partnerships programme, digital experience, paid media and content campaign to engage a global audience and raise awareness of the ‘Shaped By Air’ installation in Milan as well as the Lexus UX EV.

The campaign objective was to create rich digital content and experiences for the Lexus regional channels around the world to showcase Lexus’ design credentials in context of Milan Design Week.

Our campaigns targeted a global design and lifestyle audience with the ultimate goal of raising brand awareness and online engagement.

We collaborated with content creators to support key messaging and themes of innovation, technology, and style, as well as promoting Lexus’ mission statement and belief in design and innovation for a better society and future.

Partnering with 9 content creators across Instagram and TikTok, the campaign resulted in over 709 pieces of coverage across social media channels, reaching 12.6M people, and 288K engagements.

The digital team hosted an exclusive ‘Creator Hour’ event for local and global influencers. The event provided an opportunity to be the first to capture the installation before it opened to the public.

The event was hosted by local influencer, Elisabetta Roncanti, Heather Updegraff, General Manager of Lexus International Strategic Communications, and Suchi Reddy. The event generated over 70 pieces of coverage and 35,000 engagements. 

Alongside influencer and content partnerships, the TDC Team also managed the partnership with digital creative agency Diorama to design a digital experience to complement Shaped by Air. Diorama’s virtual extension included a metaverse experience, AR filter and animation teaser.

Lexus also worked with TDC to launch the global @lexus TikTok channel. TDC created an ‘In Residency’ series, where select content creators took over the channel, resulting in 4% follower growth and 9.7M video views.

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