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The Sustainable Lifestyle Awards (SLA) was the first awards of its kind to verify and celebrate brands that hold style and substance in equal measure.

This UK programme aims to put the spotlight on the conscientious creators who are dedicated to making beautiful lifestyle products with positive social and environmental impacts.

Beyond managing the publicity of the inaugural awards and the event itself in 2019, TDC’s extensive network within the sustainable, creative, innovation and design space led to numerous important collaborations that reinforced the SLAs as being more than an awards-giving body, and instead a social movement focused on promoting responsible production and consumption.

TDC played an intrinsic role in the SLAs’ partnership and sponsorship strategy, facilitating negotiations with key corporates to support the awards and the event.

A number of the SLAs’ formidable panel of judges – comprising a mixture of influencers, journalists, entrepreneurs and executives of major retailers – include TDC clients.

TDC also enabled the SLAs to form a vital partnership with the Sustainable Design Alliance by appointing its founder to its advisory board.

As well as event organisation, TDC worked to build the profile of Rachel Fortune, the SLAs’ founder, creating a communications plan that enabled her to articulate how her passion has become both a movement and a business.

Coverage secured includes pieces in the Daily Telegraph, Stylist, Talented Ladies Club, Cosmetics Business and – an important blend of national, consumer, trade and business titles aimed at both a B2B and B2C audience.

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