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– Written by TDC Team – June 5, 2023

Introducing TDC’s newest member: Naz Ekim 

TDC introduces you to Naz, the latest powerhouse to join our team! Naz will share her fascinating career path into the world of PR, offering valuable insights for aspiring professionals.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

“I am originally Turkish, having spent the first half of my life in Istanbul and transferring to Chicago to complete my B.A. in Marketing and then continuing to receive my MBA in Chicago. I got my first PR job as an intern in Chicago where I got the opportunity to work on a mixture of B2B and consumer tech clients. While the consumer space was fun, I quickly found myself being attracted to more complicated campaigns and really enjoyed learning the infrastructure of how software and other emerging technologies impact the world. After a few years in Chicago, I decided to move to New York where I worked for a number of agencies and also served as the Head of Comms for a multitude of companies, ranging from alternative energy to adtech. 

I thoroughly enjoy working with clients who are innovative, disruptive and like to make a positive impact in the world we live in. I have a heavy background in tech with a focus on cloud computing and cybersecurity as well as adtech and martech. 

Some achievements – not sure if this “award” still exists but I was picked one of the top PR publicists in North America in 2007. Aside from enjoying what I do, I like to attend concerts, sip delicious wine and enjoy a hearty conversation.”

What’s a recent/past project you’re proud of?

“One of my previous clients called WildCharge was one of the first wireless Blackberry charges in the market and getting them picked as Time Magazine’s Top 100 inventions was pretty cool. 

I placed a cover story in Businessweek (which was bought out by Bloomberg) which talked about Green Data Storage before the whole green and sustainability movement was even recognized. 

I worked with Jason Bateman on launching a documentary called PUMP which he narrated and we had the opening at Soho House in New York followed by a big party at the MoMA museum.”

What makes working in PR for tech/innovation clients unique?

“It never gets old. There’s always something new and exciting that’s happening that truly gets me excited. I have a fascination with understanding how things work and what purpose they serve and innovation usually means for a better future right? So what’s better than doing work that promotes the future.”

What’s the most surprising/interesting thing about your job/industry right now?

“That people forget the human touch. There will be new tools launching everyday which you might think will get you more engaged to the rest of the world or that journalist you’re trying to reach but nothing beats an old fashioned handshake and that first 5 seconds of what your gut says. I feel like a lot of people forget what communication really means and depends on technology tools too much.”

Any advice for someone who wants to work in PR?

“Have a thick skin. Realize that companies hire you for your expertise. Be confident and explain to your client where you’re coming from. You will be surprised to find out how many marketing leaders don’t really get what PR really does. Don’t promise that PR will bring in revenue or leads, that’s not what PR does and always remember to collaborate with your teammates.” 

Contact Naz to learn more about her experience and clients at TDC: [email protected].