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– Written by James Hart, Mckenzie Slomp, Ellen McConnell, Yana Lesyk – December 18, 2023

Top 10 Digital Innovations & Social Trends in December 2023

The year might be coming to a close, yet the ever-changing social media landscape continues to evolve. From the rise of digital fashion to new creation tools on Instagram, stay ahead of the curve and check out the latest on what is happening in the world of social.

A 7-Step Guide to a More Effective Content Strategy

SEMRush have put together a guide for creating more effective content strategies that align with your specific business goals, including key metrics you should keep track of to refine and improve performance.

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How to Elevate Your Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

While thought leadership can be seen as another marketing tactic and is often perceived as a platform for executives or brands to sell to their audience, it can be a powerful tool in creating lasting connections with your community.

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2024 Social Media Trends by Battenhall

If we had to pick one word to describe the social media world this year, it would be ‘change’. brand opportunity, it also means the social media landscape is now more varied than ever – and knowing where to focus your efforts has never been harder.

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How Social Media Is Turning Into Old-Fashioned Broadcast Media

With social media starting to resemble traditional network television, the media space is truly coming full circle. Advertisers are gravitating towards platforms that induce a TV-like trance, as people are most susceptible in this state, prompting the transformation of social media into a mass media landscape.

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The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2023

Achieving the desired results through social media advertising might prove challenging without careful planning and clear goal-setting. Now more than ever, it is essential to know the newest developments in the LinkedIn ads space to guarantee your brand’s voice makes its way to the right audience.

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Digital fashion is alive and well for Gen Z

Amid reports of disappointing metaverse experiments, lonely virtual worlds and a hype cycle that has moved on to artificial intelligence, Gen Z is still spending time in digital spaces and buying and wearing digital fashion, according to a Roblox report on its 70 million daily active users.

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YouTube adapts its policies for the coming surge of AI videos

YouTube announced how it will approach handling AI-created content on its platform with a range of new policies surrounding responsible disclosure as well as new tools for requesting the removal of deepfakes, among other things. 

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Instagram Launches New Creation Tools for Reels and Stories

With the holiday season fast approaching, Meta is launching a number of updates for creators in the hopes of encouraging content creation over the break. Meta has unveiled a range of new updates for Instagram creation, with a focus on Reels and Stories, including new filters, updated audio elements, improved drafts, and more.

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TikTok users are increasingly using the app for news, research finds

Fewer Americans prefer TV for news consumption, according to Pew Research. Half of US adults are getting their news, at least sometimes, from social media, according to a new study of American news consumption habits from the Pew Research Center. 

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Instagram Is Retiring Its Guides Posting Option Next Month

Instagram has announced that it’s shelving its “Guides” feature next month, which could be a consideration for your IG strategy. Instagram first launched Guides back in 2020, as a means to highlight themed content and showcase more in-depth material in a more engaging, interactive way.

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