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– Written by Yana Miladinova – July 11, 2023

B Corp Certification: Paving the Way for Sustainable Business Practices

In today's world, businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into their operations. One significant milestone on this journey is achieving B Corp certification—a testament to a company's commitment to balancing purpose and profit.

As we enter the month of Plastic Free July, let’s explore how three of our clients, Morrama, ustwo, and Driftime, have embraced B Corp certification and are actively working towards creating a more sustainable future. Their experiences shed light on the challenges, changes, and benefits of this certification, while also highlighting their efforts to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Morrama: A Journey Towards Purpose-Driven Practices

For Morrama, obtaining the B Corp certificate was a conscious decision to become purpose-driven and attract like-minded clients. Andy Trewin Hutt, Associate Director explained that their journey was not without challenges, with the team having to streamline HR processes to enhance employee support. 

“We have always been open and honest with our team about our improvement process and have included them every step of the way. Introducing satisfaction surveys alongside our current review process has allowed us to identify areas for both internal and external improvement, which is important to our senior team.”

Regarding plastic reduction, Morrama has implemented initiatives such as refillable glass water bottles and designated recycling bins in their office. Additionally, it encourages the reuse of cups and containers, aiming to reduce waste generated during lunchtime. Morrama’s message to other agencies aiming for B Corp certification is clear: start the process, make it a key performance indicator, and be transparent in your operations.

ustwo: Aligning with B Corp Principles

For ustwo, becoming a B Corp was a natural progression, closely aligning with its existing principles and values. While the initial certification process was demanding, it prompted ustwo to explore ways to efficiently measure their impact and make meaningful improvements.

“By becoming a B Corp, we embraced a new level of accountability and gained a tangible framework for measuring our impact. B Corp certification is a powerful signal to our people, clients, and stakeholders. It affirms our unwavering dedication to sustainable and ethical business practices, and it highlights the unique qualities that set ustwo apart.” added Paolo Rizzi, European Studio Experience Lead at ustwo

ustwo’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the certification. It advocates for plastic reduction and recycling, educating its employees on making planet-friendly decisions.

Driftime: Driving Impact through Collaboration

Driftime viewed the B Corp certification as an opportunity to become a better business and measure its impact comprehensively. The process led them to document and align their future-focused planning, ensuring the design processes meet accessibility and impact expectations. Its commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration with like-minded businesses within the B Corp network is at the core of their ethos.

“As a digital workplace, we use a number of tools to offset our impact, aligning our work with the Sustainable Web Manifesto and donating a percentage of our annual turnover to 1% for the Planet, as well as balancing the amount of carbon our websites generate through offsetting with Trees for Life and Ecologi. We also have a monthly donation to one of our long-term partners and climate action platform Only One who have a number of plastic removal projects working with ocean-bound plastic across the globe.” Elsa Monteithat Driftime commented. 

Their advice to other agencies embarking on the B Corp journey is to start early, source evidence, and treat the certification as an indicator for future people- and planet-led impact.

The B Corp certification serves as a guiding light for businesses looking to make a positive impact on society and the environment. It not only recognises their efforts but also challenges them to continuously improve. All three companies offer valuable advice to agencies embarking on the B Corp certification process:

  • Start the process and make progress a key performance indicator.
  • Answer the certification questions based on the company you aspire to become and make necessary changes over time.
  • Submit your application promptly and continue working on improvements.
  • Make internal documents accessible and transparent.
  • Embrace transparency, as it often reveals areas for improvement.
  • Take ownership of the process and commit to implementing changes.

Read more on the B Corp website or email [email protected] for more information.