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– Written by TDC Team – December 13, 2023

Introducing TDC’s newest member: Karla Pichardo

Introducing Karla Pichardo, a seasoned professional whose journey through the creative realms includes curating street art exhibitions, navigating tech startups, and now, thriving in the dynamic landscape of PR. Karla shares her cultural favourites and unveils the dynamic shifts in the PR landscape.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Karla Pichardo and I’m originally from NYC but have called London my home for the past half-decade. I graduated from Edinburgh University with a History of Art and English Literature degree and over the past five years my career has spanned over art comms to content producing for consumer tech startups and most recently – PR! 

What is your Favourite cultural spot in London?

South London Gallery is always putting on really engaging and thought provoking exhibitions, the gallery is also really integrated into the local community as well. Guts gallery is also another interesting newcomer which has cropped up recently in East, they focus on exhibiting artists from underrepresented backgrounds and their exhibitions are always refreshing! 

What’s a recent/past project you’re proud of?

This is going way back, but one of my first jobs out of university was working at a street art gallery in East London. Whilst I was there, I helped set up artist Shephard Fairey’s (creator of the OBEY clothing brand) largest ever retrospective exhibition. It was amazing working on such a large-scale exhibition so early on in my career and really ignited my passion for the arts.  

What motivated or inspired you to make the career transition into PR?

I’ve always been interested in the way that we communicate with each other and how brands can craft stories. PR is all about persuasive storytelling, which is such a fundamental building block for any job or career path and requires a lot of creative thinking. The job really hones your skills in copywriting, negotiating and strategising. 

What’s the most surprising/interesting thing about your job/industry right now?

I guess one thing that I’ve seen over the past few years is how publicists are diversifying their outreach and considering new platforms and content mediums, such as podcasts, columns and newsletters. These are great for establishing brands as thought leaders in their fields and lead to targeted coverage.

Contact Karla to learn more about her experience and clients at TDC: [email protected]