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– Written by TDC Team – January 4, 2024

Introducing TDC’s newest member: Ruka Akorede

Ruka's passion for pop culture, digital media, and the many ways people engage with the world has fuelled her journey into PR. In this blog post Ruka will share a bit about herself and a glimpse into the secrets that drive her creative inspiration.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I came to the UK in 2013 after living in Ireland for a large part of my childhood. I’ve always had a fascination with pop culture, digital media and different ways people communicate with the world. After graduating in 2019, I was determined to find my way into the communications industry after doing a marketing module that had me dreaming of a career in comms. Shortly after stints in PR, I grew another fascination for digital product and graphic design, connecting with platforms and individuals in the industry. Apart from my creative career pursuits, I enjoy hobbies such as writing, singing, watching movies, and travelling, which I would love to do more of!

What’s my favourite thing to do in London?

My favourite thing to do in London is try new places to eat and brunch! I am a huge foodie, and love good conversations and trying new things, so a nice dinner at a new restaurant I’ve never been to before always does the trick!

How has your experience in UX/UI design enriched and expanded your skill set, contributing to your overall professional development and success in your career?

It definitely has ! I have a broad understanding of terms and themes that are widely used in IT and product design industries. Also, the insight I received from learning about user journeys and experiences, as well as website development, has given me an urge to know how brands communicate with the world digitally. 

What’s a recent/past project you’re proud of?

I am really proud of a mock website page that I prototyped by myself after learning the basics from a UX/UI course I took. It was difficult to begin with, but I pushed myself and came out with a lovely screen

What made you want to pursue a career in PR? 

I wanted to pursue a career in PR because I love finding ways to connect the dots through identifying angles and connecting with different types of people. I’ve always been an empathetic person, and I like to serve others’ interests where I can by finding out what they care about, there’s a huge element of that in PR.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in PR and comms?

Make lots of notes, push yourself and your craft by getting involved in events and scheduling meetings with the media. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up when it comes to how you work and your wellbeing. 

What’s the most surprising/interesting thing about your job/industry right now?

That people are still up for connecting at events and meeting post covid, which at a time made everyone more complacent and homebodies. I think people want to connect more than ever now!