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Special Projects is an award-winning design and innovation agency based in London, founded by designer Clara Gaggero Westaway and magician Adrian Westaway.

In 2018, TDC was appointed by the team at Special Projects to launch one of their latest concepts, an AR-activated smartphone interface called ‘The Magic UX’. As it was a prototype, the primary goal was to get it noticed by major brands and create conversation.

Already having a strong presence within design trade media, Special Projects tasked TDC with creating a media buzz around the project with key tech and national and international media titles in order to ensure a global reach.

The project was covered by some of the world’s largest tech and national news outlets which led to Special Projects being guests of leading tech podcasts and university research institutions keen to meet them. Most importantly, the coverage initiated several meetings for Special Projects with leading global brands.

Three years later in 2021, at the height of the Covid pandemic, the team at Special Projects developed a concept called ‘Moving Buttons’, a new touchscreen interface which moves digital buttons around intelligently to ensure customers always touch a clean surface when using a public touchscreen.

Using only a software update it allows up to 50 people to use a touchscreen without touching the same spot as someone else, making interactions for both customers and staff cleaner and safer.

We secured numerous pieces of press overage with the likes of Fast Company, Design Week and LS:N Global.

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