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– Written by TDC Team – January 15, 2024

CES 2024 top 10 tech innovations

As the curtains closed on the final day of CES 2024 in Las Vegas, we curated a top 10 list of technology innovations that caught our attention. From transparent TVs that redefine home entertainment to AI-powered pillows designed to revolutionise our sleep experience, the event showcased an inspiring selection of products.

Rabbit R1, the new AI assistant hoping to replace smartphones

CES 2024 unveiled Rabbit’s R1, a handheld device positioned beyond a typical smartphone—Rabbit’s innovative AI system enables a seamless user experience. Unlike competitors like Alexa or Siri, the R1 operates primarily through conversation, with the screen serving verification purposes. The LAM has been trained to navigate various apps and perform human-like actions without relying on multiple APIs. Users can even teach the model through a training mode. The compact R1, retailing at $199, features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, rotating camera, and robust specs, signalling potential for an AI personal assistant revolution.

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The Future of Flying Cars, Xpeng AeroHT eVTOL Flying Car

XPeng AeroHT showcased an updated eVTOL flying car with helicopter-like propellers that fold out. The Land Aircraft Carrier is set for scaled production in 2025, and pre-orders for the modular EV/eVTOL combo will open in Q4 2024. The vehicle, priced around $156,600, features a ground module accommodating 4-5 passengers with extended-range hybrid power and an eVTOL air module supporting vertical takeoff/landing. Despite pending pre-orders, precise costs are undisclosed. The design emphasises a futuristic, cyber-mechanical aesthetic with sharp lines and sleek surfaces.

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AI-powered robot that takes care of your pet while you’re away

No fear, Oro AI-powered pet robot is here. With so many pet owners struggling with leaving their furry friend at home all day, this AI-powered autonomous robot from Oro may be the solution. The robot allows you to check in on your dog with a two-way audio and interactive video feature and it also dispenses treats and food. On top of that, the robot can learn your dog’s behaviour and acts accordingly. For instance, trying to calm it down when signs of distress are detected. Oro’s AI-powered robot retails for $799.

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Jackery’s Solar Generator Mars Bot

Jackery, a TIME award-winning, global leader of innovative portable power and green energy solutions has introduced their latest innovation at CES this year; the Solar Generator Mars Bot. The innovative product is a PV-ESS charging integrated intelligent service robot with a light tracking system. It features 600W retractable Solar Wings, which allow for 25% max solar conversion efficiency. The idea is that it can remarkably move towards areas with strong light for photovoltaic solar power generation and even be used in charging stations.

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Samsung’s New Transparent MICRO LED Display

Samsung showcased a transparent version of its Micro-LED display technology, promising a crystal-clear, glass-like design to redefine viewing experiences. Though it’s currently a concept, the innovation aims to eliminate the conspicuous black screen when the TV is not in use. The Transparent MICRO LED display is the result of six years of research and development, combining superior craftsmanship to deliver a futuristic and immersive visual experience. The technology is expected to enhance various content, from sports to movies, making them more vivid and engaging.

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Motion Pillow, An AI powered pillow for those Snorers

Motion Pillow takes on the battle between snoring and a silent sleep by detecting when someone is snoring and adjusting the user’s head position with airbags, leading to a sound sleeping experience. The innovative pillow is made from high density memory foam, and it can be operated via its companion app, available for Apple and Android. Users can adjust settings and receive data around hours of sleep, as well as the pillow’s activation during sleep, when snoring was detected. Though there’s been various models of the Motion Pillow exhibited at CES in previous years, it still managed to earn a ‘Best of Innovation’ award at the 2024 event.

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Swarovski Optik AX Visio, AI-supported binoculars

The AX Visio marks the world’s first AI binoculars by Swarovski Optik, designed in collaboration with Marc Newson. With a modern aesthetic and user-friendly design, these binoculars integrate AI technology, featuring an object-recognition system and a Neural Processing Unit for rapid information processing. The analog components meet sustainable standards, while digital features receive regular updates, fostering innovation. Available for purchase from February 1st, 2024, the AX Visio aims to enhance vision effectively and adapt to evolving user needs.

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L’Oréal Groupe unveils high tech hair dryer Airlight Pro

 L’Oréal Groupe introduced their latest innovative high tech beauty tool at CES 2024, following the creations of L’Oréal Brow Magic, and HAPTA. Meet Airlight Pro, a next-generation hair drying tool designed with professional stylists for beauty professionals and the average consumer. The tool was developed in partnership with Zuvi, a hardware startup company established by drone engineers and leading scientists. Some cool features the AirLight Pro includes a combination of infrared-light technology and wind to care for the hair leading to visually smoother and hydrated hair.

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Evie, Smart ring for Women’s health 

Evie is a new smart ring from Movano, specifically targeting women. In addition to standard features like an accelerometer to track steps and active minutes, Evie uses medical-grade sensors to measure signs and changes in the body. The data is stored in the supporting Evie app. The app features a daily summary that compiles activity into a simple, digestible way, helping women understand their progress towards pre-set goals like sleep and activity.

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Cappella, App that translates your Baby’s Cries Using AI

The Capella app can “translate” your baby’s cries and can tell you how they’re feeling—so whether they’re uncomfortable, hungry or tired. The app says it uses AI and machine learning to decipher an infant’s needs. According to Cappella, their technology is around 95% accurate, compared to 30% for humans who try to guess their babies’ needs.

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